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When buying A home with Team Cook
you can be sure we are in your corner

You are about to embark on the exciting journey of buying a new home. Whether it is your first home, tenth home, a forever home or investment property, we will make buying a home a great experience. We can help you find the ideal home with the least amount of hassle, and we are devoted to using our expertise and the full resources of our team to achieve these results!

We will work with you to understand your unique needs and wishes because buying a home is more than a certain number of bedrooms or a particular postal code. Itʼs about your dreams, concerns, questions, finances, time and lifestyle. We plan to be your realtors for life.

Meet Your
Buying Team

Raman Gill, Mike Cook, Candice Buchanan

"Our real estate business has been built around one guiding principle: we're in your corner.

We mean it.

We are here to get you exactly what you need and won't stop till we do."

Our Buying Advantage

Why Buy With Team Cook?


Always Above and Beyond

When it comes to helping you find a home, you’re getting more than the average real estate experience. You gain access to a team that is working around the clock to find you exactly what you want and work to make it yours.


We're In Your Corner

We let our reviews speak for themselves, and they come out of our mission to serve our clients. No matter what happens, we are in your corner and we have your back. We’ll do the heavy lifting in finding you a home you love.


Your Unique Needs

Much of our time upfront is understanding who you are and exactly what you need so that our team can go to work and find a house that is uniquely suited to your goals. Our mission is only accomplished when it’s yours.

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In Our Client's Words

Buying With Team Cook

The Buying Process

Stage 1.

Getting To Know Your Needs

At our “Buyer Consultation”, we will review the buying process and set appropriate expectations under current market conditions. We will discuss what you’re looking for and your goals so that we can deliver exactly what you are looking for.

We will review your search parameters, demonstrate, explain listing notifications and market conditions, and go over the scheduling of appointments so that you are in the know.

Stage 2.

Setting Up Your Financing

Lenders generally dictate how much you can afford, and we always recommend you get your finances in order early. This allows us to curate an appropriate search, as well as act fast when we find something you love.

We help you put together a plan to gather your financial records and meet with lenders to get a prequalification letter spelling out how much you’re eligible to borrow. All of this helps when we inevitably find your dream home.

Stage 3.

Finding Your Your Dream Home

This is our favorite stage. Our team gets to work searching for your dream home based on the criteria provided by you.

There are many factors to consider when selecting a neighbourhood that is right for you, and our team has extensive knowledge of them. Each area has its own personality, so we will work with you to identify the area that is the best match for your needs and lifestyle. We’ll focus on finding homes within your target areas that possess your desired features. As we look through options, we will continue to refine the search.

Stage 4.

Offers and Acceptance

Once we’ve found your dream home, we prepare an analysis of comparable sales with current market statistics, so we understand what’s possible in the offer and acceptance. Our team will write an offer and discuss all the terms and questions you may have before submitting it to the listing agent.

As your agents, we will handle all negotiations to obtain the best possible price and terms for you.

Areas of negotiation include negotiating on price, additional property, closing and possession dates, and size of the deposit.

Stage 5.

Contract To Closing

Once we have an accepted offer our team will work with you to remove the conditions. This includes but not limited to: recommending an inspector, reviewing strata documents, reviewing title, reviewing property disclosure statement (PDS), recommending insurance broker, coordinating with your lender & recommending and working with your lawyer/notary.

Our job does not stop at closing. We stay in regular contact to make sure your transition is seamless.

Top Tips For Home Buyers

When you choose to buy with Team Cook, you are choosing a real estate firm that is committed to your success in the short- AND long-term.

Get pre-approved early so you know what you’re working with. It’s very common for people to assume they can qualify for a mortgage because they have substantial income. Many factors go into being approved for a mortgage, and being inaccurate when shopping for a home can be both a waste of time and very disheartening.

  1. Don’t change jobs, become self employed or quit your job.
  2. Don’t omit debts or liabilities from your loan application.
  3. Don’t acquire any new debt.
  4. Don’t originate any inquiries into your credit.
  5. Don’t make large deposits without first checking with your mortgage broker.
  6. Don’t change bank accounts.
  7. Don’t spend money you have set aside for closing.
  8. Don’t use credit cards excessively or miss any payments.
  9. Don’t buy a car, truck or furniture – no large purchases!
  10. Don’t co-sign a loan for anyone.

Once you are pre-approved, approach a real estate professional that you trust. Possibly, me? Make sure it is the right fit and the realtor has your goals in mind.

It’s common to start looking for one type of property and buy something completely different in an area you weren’t expecting. Sometimes, it takes viewing homes in person to realize what you actually want and a good realtor will ask the appropriate questions to make sure you’re not purchasing off instinct alone.

Allow yourself to picture what it would be like to live in the home you’re viewing, even if it’s immediately obvious that this isn’t the home for you. As you say what you like and don’t like, you may realize that your wish list has new priorities. The feedback will also help us find properties that are a closer match.

Factors such as supply and demand, economic conditions, and even location can impact home prices. With Team Cook, you will have access to our extensive market knowledge and resources to help you make informed decisions. A good place to start is our neighbourhood guides! 

Home Buyer's FAQ

Most Frequently Asked Questions

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) provides up to date information for nearly every home on the market. We will are constantly checking the latest listings and price reductions for properties that fit the criteria we’ve established. We will setup an automatic email for any new homes that hit the market to ensure we donʼt miss anything. Pro tip: All websites for real estate pull listings from the same source so there is no reason to spread your time searching over multiple sites.

Our team has strong relationships with local builders and marketing companies to ensure our clients have great access and in some cases preferred pricing or upgrades. It is important that someone from our team accompanies you on your initial visit to the sales centre in order to be able to assist you.

Homeowners trying to sell their home without agent representation are usually doing so in hopes of saving the listing agent commission but most understand that they will pay for buyer agent commission. We are happy to cooperate with homeowners and we are happy to make sure you are fairly represented and receive all disclosures and documentation throughout the sale.

We can ask the seller and see if we can schedule a convenient time to visit the property again. The Seller has no obligation to provide access unless we have contractually stipulated access.

Generally, commissions are paid by the seller, so our services are free to you!

Every seller and every agent will have a different pricing strategy. For each property you are interested in making an offer on we will do an analysis of the property and itʼs value in todays market. With the information we can set realistic expectations on the negotiations.

Dance, high five your spouse, pop a bottle of champagne. When youʼre done celebrating itʼs time to plan for inspections and support the lender to make our best efforts to remove subjects. We will be here to guide you through this process.

Every purchase and sale we are committed to donating through Giveback Homes to help make a small change in impoverished communities around the world.

One last thing...

Our goal is to become your realtors for life, and we aim to do this by ensuring your complete satisfaction. We work to get the job done so well that you will want to tell your friends and associates about your experience with us. That’s why so much of our business comes from repeat clients and their referrals: good service speaks for itself.

That means getting to know you, your unique needs and wishes, and getting the job done so well you can’t go anywhere else.

That’s why we’ve built Team Cook to be in your corner.

We focus on getting you exactly what you need.

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