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Fort Langley

Fort Langley is famous for its picturesque downtown core and traditional houses. The Bedford landing area is highly desirable, with executive homes close to the river.

Overview of
Fort Langley

Fort Langley is one of Canada’s most popular set locations for movies and tv shows, and for a good reason. In summer, it’s a great place to spend an evening on a patio or festival. In winter, it’s lit up like a Hallmark movie because they are probably shooting one. We love Fort Langley.

Fort Langley is littered with great restaurants, beautiful neighbourhoods, history, and great spots to walk along the Fraser River. 

The “downtown” Fort Langley commercial area is roughly three blocks crowned with the 200-year-old Fort, a former trading post of the Hudson’s Bay Company that kids visit on field trips each year. Downtown is full of great restaurants, coffee shops, and niche stores. It’s a fantastic place to spend an afternoon or every afternoon. 

Fort Langley is the most walkable neighbourhood in Langley. If you live close to the core, you can walk to nearly anything you need and only require to go into the city on occasion. It’s obvious the community is heavily involved in making Fort Langley the place to be with car shows, food trucks, and beer festivals. Even if there isn’t an event happening this is a great place to visit or live.

Fort Langley is well equipped with its own grocery store and enough supporting stores to take care of most of your creature comforts. Walnut Grove is five minutes away should you need more selection, and downtown Langley is only ten to fifteen minutes away for a big Costco run or other big box stores. For commuting, the highway is close, and the Golden Ears bridge is ten minutes up the road. 

quiet sidewalk in fort langley

Fort Langley's defining characteristics:

  • Fort Langley has a rich history as the birthplace of BC. 
  • You can be confident that you’ll find a great place to eat in Fort Langley. Park at the south side and walk towards the river and you’ll stumble upon options for every meal. 
  • Fort Langley during Christmas is one of the most beautiful and romantic towns in the world. I always feel like someone is about to propose in winter months and in the summer there are always groups taking wedding pictures.
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Fort Langley's Atmosphere and Appeal

Why you will love living in Fort Langley

People love living in Fort Langley because of the walkability and beauty of the area. Fort Langley homes generally follow a style that shows tribute to the history with the care needed for a bright community.

The atmosphere of Fort Langley

Have you ever wanted to be in a Christmas movie? Fort Langley in the winter looks like the place character #1 comes home to visit. I’m sure many movies have been written while enjoying a coffee at Wendel’s.

Fort Langley has quieter streets with fewer large families or suites due to the high home prices and lack of schools. Langley Fine Arts School in Fort Langley has K-12 but is one of the most difficult schools to get into so many families commute their kids to Walnut Grove.

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Your Lifestyle In Fort Langley

sidewalk in fort langley near river

Activities In Fort Langley

Fort Langley is all about spending time outside. You’ll find your neighbours walking through the town with their coffees, window shopping or jogging along the river on the fort-to-fort trail. For those that would rather be on the water, you should check out the Fort Langley Community Rowing Club for their learn-to-row program. The club trains on water ten months a year.

Fort Langley is a hot spot for antique stores and small niche shops. There are many places to check out, but our favourite is Rempel Mercantile & Antiques, specializing in automobilia, petroliana, and industrial furniture.

Check out their Instagram for all their latest offerings.

Wendell's books in fort langley

Food and Drinks In Fort Langley

Fort Langley has no time for chain restaurants. However, it has many of the best local restaurants in Langley.

No Fort Langley page would be complete without mentioning Wendel’s. On the corner of Glover Road and Mavis Ave, you’ll find a great cafe in the best location in Fort Langley. People love to come here to people-watch. Good chance you’ll see someone taking wedding pictures on a sunny day across the street at the inactive CNR Heritage train station. The coffee at Wendel’s is great, and the hot food is even better. They have a bunch of gluten-free baking that’s so popular that they need to bake it off-site.

Our favourite baked goods are from Blacksmith Bakery (2nd location at Langley airport and a newest location in Willoughby). They have a bacon and cheese croissant that should be picked up on every visit to Fort Langley. Coffee is great too.

Saba Bistro is one of the best restaurants in Langley. For me, it’s tied in first for the best breakfast in Langley. Order the braised short rib hash for one of the best breakfasts of your life. I’m sure their dinner is fantastic as well with such a beautiful atmosphere.

Beatniks Bistro has the best patio for drinks and dinner in Fort Langley. You should wander over on Thursday nights for live music. The food is great.

Mangia E Scappa is tucked away from direct walking traffic. Even though it’s close to the center of Fort Langley, it feels off on its own. If you find it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by traditional homemade Italian fare, complete with wood-fired pizza.

East of Fort Langley on your way out to Krause Berry Farm you’ll come across Texas Smoke BBQ. It’s a food truck that’s found its home across from Driediger Farms serving up my favourite BBQ in Langley.

I definitely missed some great restaurants. Send me your favourites.


If you’re looking for a pub, then you have two options:

Trading Post Eatery serves up high-end pub food and great local beer from Trading Post Brewery in Langley City. They make a great burger, but the beer is what will bring you back.

Fort Pub is across the train tracks, nearly right on the river. It’s a classic-looking pub with some timber features that pay tribute to the area. Simple, dependable pub food and cold pints.

If I’ve missed a spot, please let me know!

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The Fort Langley Real Estate Market

Fort Langley real estate surrounds the commercial core. It is made up of mostly single-family detached homes on large lots, with the exception of Bedford Landing along the river, where you can find some row homes and Fort Langley condos.

Some of the businesses have residential above, but most of Fort Langley’s homes are older, well-cared for, or renovated single-family houses.

Head east to find Glen Valley Real Estate for larger lots and farms.

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