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Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Langley because of the ease of commute, proximity to Fort Langley, top-shelf schools, and beautiful tree-lined streets.

Overview of
Walnut Grove

When my wife and I were first-time home buyers and wanted to plant some roots in Langley, we went out in search of a neighbourhood that reminded us of our own childhoods.

As we crested the overpass on 208th street, we were immediately taken back by the beauty of the Golden ears mountains and the tree-lined streets. We could easily picture ourselves settling into the community and ultimately starting our family. There’s no doubt that Walnut Grove is one of Langley’s safest communities; it seems like every police officer or fireman I speak to is a resident of Walnut Grove, and you can feel that leadership in the community. I’m proud to live here.

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Walnut Grove's defining characteristics:

  • It is great for commuters! Walnut Grove residents can quickly reach Highway 1 or the lower perimeter road along the Fraser River to Delta and beyond.
  • It has a beautiful mountain backdrop.
  • It has great schools. Walnut Grove has some of the best elementary schools in Langley, and Walnut Grove Secondary is one of the largest French / English schools in the region.
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Walnut Grove 's Atmosphere and Appeal

A Charming Community To Plant Roots
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Why you will love living in Walnut Grove

Come home when the street lights come on!

Like a nod to times past, Walnut Grove is the type of community you can tell your kids to come home when the street lights come on. Walnut Grove natives love the strong community feel and safety for their kids. 

quiet neighbourhood in walnut grove

Walnut Grove's Atmosphere

A neighbourhood like your childhood!

On your way home from work, don’t be surprised if you run into a street hockey game or get a wave from a neighbour going for an evening run. Like most communities established in the 1980s and 1990s, you’ll find houses with great private yards on good size lots, space between houses, and sidewalks, and the townhouses in Walnut Grove are no different.

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Your Lifestyle In Walnut Grove

walnut grove community centre

Activities In Walnut Grove

Like my family, I’m sure as you crest the overpass on 208th heading North into Walnut Grove, you immediately see why people settle their families in Walnut Grove and never leave. Fortunately, in the 1980s and 1990s, when most of Walnut Grove was built, they planted beautiful cherry blossom trees to line the streets that bloom in the Spring. Walnut Grove is the home of great parks connected by trails, fields and schools. Look to the north on a clear day and be humbled by the golden ears mountains. Most homes in Walnut Grove will require a car to get around efficiently, with most of the businesses either on 88th ave, 96th ave (north of 198th street) or along 200th street.


Even though Walnut Grove isn’t the centre of Langley, it still is attractive to businesses because of its proximity to Highway 1 and the Golden Ears Bridge. For family fun; Walnut Grove is host to a great community centre with a pool w/ water slide, gym, library, preschool and rentable multi-purpose rooms. 

I can remember when Colossus (now called Cineplex Cinemas Langley) opened in 1999 because the building was unlike any theatre we had ever seen. It looked like a giant UFO landed on the top of a regular theatre, and it had lights that would shine into the air like the bat signal. The giant UFO is still immobile, but the lights that shined in its early days have been long turned off after complaints from pilots. Colossus has 19 screens, including IMAX, ScreenX, DBOX and Ultra AVX. It’s worth the drive even if you don’t ultimately choose Walnut Grove as your home. 

Mokran Chinese restaurant in walnut grove

Food and Drink in Walnut Grove

Drinks In Walnut Grove

If you’re looking for a classic blue-collar pub to get a drink or pub fare, then you have three choices.

Walnut Grove Pub & Bistro is a good place to play some pool and have a pint. I had some confidence from singing on key in the shower, but after listening to the karaoke scene at Walnut Grove Pub, that confidence evaporated. If you’re feeling braver than me or you got the lungs, you could swing by Thursday, Friday or Saturday evenings for some entertainment.

Jimy Mac’s is a classic easygoing sports bar with a large patio and plenty of TVs to see the fights or the big game. It’s got a classic wood panelling and brick interior with plenty of seating and great specials. Great place to classically grab a beer on the way home!

Oak and Thorn is undoubtedly Walnut Grove’s most popular pub. Like all Joseph Richard Group locations, the food is a large step up from its closest competition. They’ve got some fun arcade games, shuffleboard, ping-pong and foosball and an absolutely stocked bar. During the day, it’s a casual spot you could bring your kids, and in the evening, it becomes an adult hot spot with a very busy night scene. The craft beer scene is starting to take shape in our community with two great spots within a long walk from each other. 

If you’re looking to taste local beers and ciders but don’t have the time or desire to travel to each of them, then The Barley Merchant may be what you’re looking for. They have 50 taps and one of the best burgers in Langley. It’s conveniently located beside the movie theatre for a pre-movie pint.

Just north of The Barley Merchant, you will find a great beer at Smugglers Trail Brewery. They’ve got a tasting room, brewery and a great kitchen for foods that pair well with their unique beers. They have one of my favourite patios in Langley, and because it’s in off the beaten path, it has the feel of a found place.

If I’ve missed a spot, please let me know!

Food In Walnut Grove

Of course, Walnut Grove has classic chain restaurants like Browns, The Keg, White Spot, The Old Spaghetti Factory and Nandos, but where Walnut Grove shines is it’s locally owned and operated small restaurants. 

Sushi in Walnut Grove is competitive, and the best is highly debated among locals. We have our favourites, but it’s hard to miss.

Akane was my family’s first favourite sushi in Walnut Grove. It’s unclear if we fell in love with the food or the people. You can be sure that you will be welcomed as you walk through the door by the entire staff. The great people working here always seem so happy and I’m pretty sure everyone gets a bonus piece of sushi with every order. Bonus: your kids will probably love the Marvel collectables decorating the restaurant.

My wife’s favourite is Sushi Gio because we think they have the best sashimi in Langley. They also have a convenient drive-through for pickup orders.

Finding a great bowl of Pho in Walnut Grove is easy too. 

Mai’s Vietnamese Restaurant is nice enough inside to take a date and it’s arguably the best pho in Langley. Be sure to order some of their spring rolls; you’ll be glad you did.

Pho Triple 3 is our other go-to. This is more of hole in the wall type spot, but you won’t be disappointed by the food or the service. We always feel welcome here with kids because of the casual atmosphere, and the pho is top shelf. I think it’s our families #1. 

Best Pizza in Walnut Grove is highly contested.

Since 1985 Jim’s Pizza has been serving up great pies. They sell a medium thick style with quality ingredients. Arguably, the best in the neighbourhood. They may have a few tables, but this is undeniably a take-out spot.

Across the street, Ocean Park Pizza has a fully licensed dine-in restaurant. Their pizzas are famously thick with toppings. They also serve up some greek food and steak. 

Pizza Mantra is probably not a contender for best pizza but definitely a contender for most popular. Don’t get me wrong, their pizza is good but what sets them apart is value. If I have to feed a group of people for a birthday or the big game, then this is where I order. I should say they are relatively new to our community, and each time I order, the pizzas improve.

To round out the pizza competition The Italian has a solid classic thin-crust pizza, and it’s a great spot for a date. 

 Masala Boyz Indian Restaurant is one of my family’s favourite restaurants. In my opinion, it’s by far the best Indian food in Langley. Try the Ajwaini Fish Tikka cooked in the clay oven, and thank me later. The food comes out slow, but it’s worth the wait. 

If you just want coffee and some good baking, then I highly recommend Gratia Cafe. Actually, if you’re going anyway, I’ll have an Americano and an almond croissant, please. This is a great place to pick up a coffee on your way home as you cut in through the 202nd street underpass. 

I like to eat… so if you know of a great place that I’ve failed to mention, please reach out. 

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The Walnut Grove Housing Market

Living In A Commuter's Paradise

Most of Walnut Grove can access Highway 1 or the Golden Ears Bridge within 5 minutes. This makes commuting to Coquitlam and beyond much faster than most of the Fraser Valley. If you need a major shop, you can quickly access downtown Langley from 200th or 208th or wiggle through the neighbourhoods of Willoughby.

If you just need some groceries, Walnut Grove has both a Save-On-Foods, a Fresh St. Market, and Meridian Meats.

Walnut Grove has no direct access to Skytrain, but Carvolth exchange does have an express bus over the Port Mann bridge to Lougheed station.

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