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Young, fresh, and plenty of options. Most of Willoughby was built in the 2000s, so it’s rare to find a smaller humble home on a large lot. Willoughby real estate is known for modern homes with suites, well-equipped townhomes, and condos with walkable amenities.

Overview of

When I was living in Fleetwood, we would drive to the Langley Costco to do our shopping, and each week it seemed that Willoughby would gain two blocks of territory. Willoughby developments have spread like wildfire for ten years, and now Willoughby is one of the most popular areas in the whole Fraser Valley. Willoughby is home to most of Langley’s house’s with basement suites, townhouses and condos, and so naturally, it’s where young families will start out in Langley real estate. Willoughby Heights is popular for people who prioritize newer homes that are conveniently located close to both entertainment and shopping.
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Willoughby's defining characteristics:

  • The center of most development. Much of Willoughby was built in the last 20 years and the young homes are full of young families.
  • Much of the benefits Walnut Grove has with commuting are shared with Willoughby Heights. Quick access to Highway 1 and the lower perimeter road. 
  • Modern homes with modern conveniences.
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Willoughby's Atmosphere and Appeal

house in Willoughby

Why you will love living in Willoughby

People love living in Willoughby because of the modern homes, the youth of the neighbourhood, and its great restaurants. It’s a fast-growin and developing hub in the heart of Langley with close access to Highway 1!

Willoughby sidewalk

The atmosphere of Willoughby Heights

My favourite part of Willoughby is the buzz in the neighbourhoods with young families everywhere. Playgrounds, parks, and fields are always full of action, and that inspires more people to get outside into the community. With such an active community, you won’t be surprised that Willoughby is a very safe neighbourhood to start a family. 

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Your Lifestyle In Willoughby

langley events centre

Activities In Willoughby

Sports: Front Row Center

Central to Willoughby is the home of the Vancouver Giants hockey at the Langley Events Centre. The WHL has some of the most exciting hockey in the world, and you’ll feel at home in the passionate arena with reasonably priced local beer and food. The Vancouver Giants have a rich history, and I’m sure we’ll see another Memorial Cup win very soon. Langley Event Centre also is the home of Trinity Western SpartansLangley Thunder Lacrosse, and Vancouver Bandits Basketball.

Get Some Exercise

Willoughby has some fantastic parks, but our family’s favourite is Willoughby Community Park because of its huge playground, spray park, basketball courts, bocce courts, soccer fields, and even a spot to charge your electric car.

Have you always wanted to learn tennis? I’m pretty sure I drove by The Tennis Centre on 80th avenue for five years before I noticed the giant building. They have six indoor and four outdoor courts with lessons offered and a bonus childcare center.

steak restaurant langley

Food and Drinks In Willoughby

“Best Breakfast In Willoughby”

I feel like I’ve googled this enough times that I can speak as an expert in the field.

There’s no doubt in my mind that if I’m looking to impress someone with a great weekend-style breakfast, then Delphi Cafe is my only choice. The menu is creative and executed beautifully. Their coffees are also fantastic.

Sometimes I just feel like a clean blue-collar diner for some consistent and friendly bacon n’ eggs. Roadrunner Restaurant is my mid-week spot. It’s comforting to go to a place where you’ll be recognized, and the patrons are regulars.

Not Breakfast In Willoughby

If you’re looking for a great steak and some high-end cocktails, you’ll find it at S+L on 200th street. S+L is another hit from the Joseph Richard Group which also owns Langley Townhall, The Italian, and Oak & Thorne. When visiting, I’ve never been brave enough to skip out on the steak, but I hear the Master Chicken is also amazing.

Woking Dragon opened up in 2021 and quickly became one of Langley’s favourite Chinese food restaurants.

Skobi Sushi & Korean BBQ is a fun place for a night out. The sushi is great but the BBQ’s on the table steal the show. It’s fun to have some drinks and have your meat cooking in front of you. Heavy discounts for takeout.

Drinks in Willoughby

Dead Frog Brewery is hidden away just south of Highway 1 and is definitely worth the visit. There are 20 taps 50 feet from where they are brewed. They serve up great seasonal pints, food, growler fills, and they rent kegs. Check out the calendar on their website to plan a night of live music, trivia, or comedy. They have the best popcorn you’ll ever have.

Langley Townhall is a classic spot for Sunday football w/ a fantastic brunch. Always a very popular night spot for Langley locals.

I guess coffee is a drink. Mattu’s Coffee and Tea in Willoughby Town Centre is my go-to for a great cup of coffee and also a very convenient place to meet. For those that partake, the word is they have a great bubble tea.

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The Willoughby Real Estate Market

Willoughby is a Community for Everyone!

Willoughby, Langley’s new community, is made up of many neighbourhoods: Carvolth, Latimer, Jericho, Yorkson, Routley, Gordon Estate, Smith, and Williams. They all share a similar identity but with ad different feel.

Carvolth, Jericho & Latimer

The communities all commute quickly to Highway 1 and the Golden Ears Bridge through Walnut Grove. This is also where you can check out the previously mentioned Vancouver Giants and or some Trinity Western volleyball at the Langley Event Centre. From your Carvolth condo or townhouse, you can take a quick walk under the 202nd street underpass for dinner in Walnut Grove. Latimer has a major mix of condos, townhomes, row homes, and single-family detached homes. It’s the home of the new Latimer Village and Langley’s first high-rise.

Routley, Gordon Estate & Smith

This is Willoughby’s oldest community, but still young. 🙂 This location is great for its proximity to Langley City while still feeling very suburban. All three communities have a mix of building types.

Yorkson & Williams

Most of Langley’s brand-new houses with suites are found in the Yorkson & Williams area. These homes generally have smaller lots with larger new homes with all the modern conveniences. Most of the new townhouses and condos can be found close to 208th street and 80th ave, where you’ll find Willoughby Town Centre. Williams is Willoughby’s last neighbourhood to develop.

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