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Mike Cook


Mike Cook of Team Cook at Stonehaus Realty Langley

Mike Cook - Blue-Collar Realtor

Mike Cook is at heart I am a blue-collar worker in a white-collar world. Mike spent most of my twenties building high-end homes, leading major renovations, restoring and finding/fixing deficiencies in new construction. He’s happy to use this experience to point out the potential of a home for either his Buyers or to potential Buyers of your home.

mike cook as a carpenter

He’s blessed with a beautiful family, three kids, and a supportive wife. He’s settled and loves his happy life in Walnut Grove, Langley. If you see him out in the wild, you probably see him smiling.

Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning “change for the better” or “continuous improvement.” Mike prides himself on always looking for a way of improving the experience for his clients, agents on Team Cook and his community through leadership, technology and charity.

Your successful purchase or sale is something he takes personal.

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