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Miltomates: Not in walnut grove but a restaurant walnut grover natives should know

Surprisingly, I never knew I loved Mexican food until I went to California in 2018. We stumbled into a few fantastic Mexican spots, and it was clear I would need to find a solution for my new obsession when I got home. Luck would have it that a fantastic Mexican restaurant was 5 minutes down the road from my house in Walnut Grove called Miltomates. I always wonder how I should feel about going to a restaurant often enough that the staff greet me by my first name like I’m a regular from Cheers. Obviously, the staff here care about their customers and their food. It’s obviously authentic and not soggy. Their carne asada burrito w/house-made sauce might be my choice if I had a last meal. If you’re shopping for Walnut Grove real estate or Willoughby real estate, you should take into consideration how much closer you’ll be to a great Mexican restaurant that offers taco kits on Fridays! Now I’m hungry.

Keep it up Miltomates

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Chitos Chicken: LATE-NIGHT walnut grove chicken and beer spot

Who knew eating chicken with chopsticks would be so efficient and satisfying? I was taken here for the first time by some other Langley realtors who wanted to introduce me to the benefits of Korean chicken. 🙂 Since then, I’ve tried three or four other Korean chicken restaurants in Langley and Chitos Chicken is my favourite. If you can handle a little bit of heat I recommend the Soonsal Yangnyeom boneless chicken. 

Bagel Classic CAFE

If you’re looking for classic unpretentious bacon and eggs that will come out fast for a reasonable price then look no further than Bagel Classic Cafe at 21183 88 ave in the “Walnut Grove Corner”. 

If you’re looking for Sushi, Pho, Indian or Pizza recommendations in Walnut Grove please visit our Walnut Grove neighbourhood page.

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